Officially invited

Now its official - not only that we are travaling to india, no, today I got the official invitation to the wedding of my indian friend (who was the reason for the journey

And again we face a totally other culture - we are not invited by my indian friends but by his parents! ok - I know, I will have to explain the whole story in my next post - because its not so easy (so how india came to our mind, why we are travaling and how it came that we are now attaneding a mariage there!)

And again (at the end of this post) there is the question: how will we face india, the people, the culture....

2.3.07 16:55

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Martin (6.3.07 13:38)
Wünsch da eine schöne Reise! Und lass alle India... ähm Leute aus Indien schön grüßen!

Lg Martin

(6.3.07 13:43)
hammer einladung...ned schlecht..
bitte passt auf euch auf..;o)
ich will meinen stinker und meinen mag.j ja heil zurückbekommen....

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